Cut polygon into equal parts

Cut polygon into equal parts

Is there a way to cut a polyon in equal parts?

Basically, I have several rectangles that I need to divide into equal parts, either 3, 4 or 5 equal parts.

I am using ArcGIS 10.3.1

If you want to split Rectangle into equal parts, then you able to done it by the reference of line feature:

  1. Draw a line on one side of rectangle. (Snap vertices of line to vertices of rectangle).
  2. Select line.
  3. Go to Editor
  4. Select Split
  5. Check into “In to equal parts” and write parts in textbox you want to split.
  6. Click OK
  7. Now select your rectangle.
  8. And with the reference of end points of your broken parts of line, cut your rectangle.
    (Note: Take parallel your cutting line to opposite side of your rectangle).

Its done.

I think this script would work for you:

The script asks for your polygon and how many sections you want it to divide into. Then you tell it either to make cuts N-S or W-E (unfortunately, you won't be able to specify the angle yourself) and it will divide the polygon up that way.

The script write broke it down this way:

1.Get an extent of a polygon. 2. Construct a polyline using the vertices of the polygon's extent with a tiny shift of coordinates. 3. Cut the polygon into two halves using this line. 4.Find what is the area of the smallest polygon. 5.If the area is smaller than the 200 sq. m. (that is, fifth part of the polygon), the shift the line again and re-run steps 2-4. 6. If the area is 200 sq. m. or larger, than leave this part and keep working with the polygon that is left essentially running through the steps 2-5. 7. When the original polygon has been successfully divided into equal areas, they are inserted into a new feature class along with the source polygon attributes.

Watch the video: Divide a polygon into equal parts or equal-area polygons using QGIS