Using LAStools in QGIS gives “global name 'os' is not defined”?

Using LAStools in QGIS gives “global name 'os' is not defined”?

I have a problem with LAStools in QGIS 2.6.1. I have never used QGIS to process LiDAR data before.

I downloaded LAStools yesterday from the rapidlasso GmbH website. I unzipped the “” file into my osgeo folder (C:OSGeo4W64LAStools) and followed the instructions for activating LAStools and specifying the folder location. LAStools appears correctly in my Processing Toolbox in QGIS.

Then, I downloaded a LiDAR tile from the National Land Survey of Finland as a .laz file. I tried to use lasground to view this data, and followed the instructions on the rapidlasso GmbH website (see screengrab). However, I get this message in my log:

Algorithm lasground starting… global name 'os' is not defined See log for more details

Am I missing some dependency from my library?

My problem was that there was a space in the path to the .las file I was using.

I followed the instructions contained within the README.txt file of the lastools newest version, a zip file downloadable from this link: Extract the zip file to any folder without spaces in the path. Open the QGIS_toolbox folder where you find the README.txt file. Open this file and follow the instructions from the line number 24. I have QGIS 2.6.1 installed on Window 7 and lastools work well. For now I tried only the lasview algorithm.

I have also been headbanging and have at least a partial solution. On a Mac, Go to Processing and then Options but DO NOT CLICK on activate. Click (or perhaps right click) on the white space on the right side of the folder icon, hit the right 3 dot button on the right side, then go to applications and select QGIS.

THEN hit the activate button.

I can then get a LASTools project to open with an input menu that I have not yet tried, but those steps do away with the "LASTools folder is not configured" that one gets otherwise. I either clicked or right clicked on the LASTools project in the window to activate the initiation window.