MCC-LiDAR error: version minor out of range

MCC-LiDAR error: version minor out of range

I am trying to use MCC-LiDAR tool, but I can't get it to work.

Example, when I type:

C:>mcc-lidar -s 1 -t 1 TMR_428_63.las output_filename.las

I get the following error message:

Internal program error: version minor out of range

What am I doing wrong? The las file version I'm using is 1.4.

Apologies, this is the unfortunate result of a software getting dated and I am not sure that you can get around this without reverting to a previous version of LAS (1.1 - 1.3). To quote specifications of LAS 1.4 "LAS 1.4 moves the file specification from a 32 bit file structure to a 64 bit file structure". This specification of LAS also changed to support waveform packet information. Because of these issues the 1.4 format is not a compatible format with MCC likely due to changes in the public header definitions.

The MCC software is not actively being developed any longer so, this is not something that will be fixed. It is possible to download the source code and modify it accordingly (should just be some changes in how the las file is parsed). The workaround I can recommend is backward versioning the data to a supported version of LAS.

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