6.4: External Links - Geosciences

6.4: External Links - Geosciences

6.4: External Links - Geosciences

NIST Risk Management Framework RMF

Note that NIST Special Publications 800-53, 800-53A, and 800-53B contain additional background, scoping, and implementation guidance in addition to the controls, assessment procedures, and baselines. This NIST SP 800-53 database represents the controls defined in NIST SP 800-53 Revision 5, Security and Privacy Controls for Information Systems and Organizations. Derivative data formats of the forthcoming SP 800-53A, Revision 5 controls will be available when the publication is finalized (anticipated by winter 2021).

If there are any discrepancies noted in the content between this NIST SP 800-53 database and the latest published NIST SP 800-53 Revision 5 and NIST SP 800-53B, please contact [email protected] and refer to the official published documents as the normative source.

SP 800-53, Rev 5.1 corresponds with NIST SP 800-53, Revision 5 (published September 2020 includes updates as of Dec. 10, 2020)

Excel Value Links Not Updating on OneDrive

To understand your situation better, could you provide the following information?

  1. Is the linked workbook stored on your OneDrive for Business as well?
  2. A screenshot of your Office product information (open Excel>File tab>Account).
  3. Does this happen to all workbooks? What about newly created workbook?
  4. A reproduce video to help us understand how the problem happens via private message.

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Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site.

How satisfied are you with this reply?

Thank you for helping me with this. To answer your questions:

1) Issue appears only when both files are on 1D.

3) Yes this happens on all workbooks stored on OneDrive, not only on my system but on multiple systems all with different O365 accounts.

After a little more digging, what I can tell the issue is that when I save and close the file with the link, the link in the formula bar changes from the local copy of the file to the cloud hosted one on SharePoint. It seems to be that if we can force Excel to continue to look at the local copy of the file this should resolve the issue.

I ran tests to confirm that this changing of the link address only occurs when both files are on 1D. If either of the files, doesn't matter witch one, is just sitting on my local system the link stays pointed at the local copy.

U.S. Economic Watch:Q1 GDP Grows 6.4%Amid Unprecedented Fiscal Support

Robust economic growth is in-line with CBRE’s forecast. GDP growth is expected to accelerate further in Q2 2021 to 10.1% before moderating in the second half of the year. Even as it slows, CBRE expects strong GDP growth of 4.2% in 2022. Beyond then, we expect GDP growth will return to its long-term trend level of around 2%. There is some potential for upside to this forecast, particularly if Congress approves a well-designed infrastructure package.

Robust economic growth in 2021 will continue to support a recovery of commercial real estate fundamentals. Industrial and multifamily will perform best over the near term. A recovery in office demand is expected to pick up pace in the second half of this year as offices are reoccupied and activities begin to return to normal. We expect recovery for retail and hotels will follow as vaccines and additional therapeutics give people confidence to resume normal live-work-play activities. However, a full recovery for the office, hotel and retail sectors is not expected for at least two years.

Dauntless | 1.6.4 Updated Patch Notes

Hey everyone, we found some missed items that should have made it into the 1.6.4 patch notes.

We've updated the patch notes on our webpage and here are the missing items on their own.

The guaranteed Behemoth on Razorcliff Isle is now Rezakiri (was Deepfrost Embermane).

The guaranteed Behemoth on Paradox Breaks is now Flameborn Rezakiri (was Rezakiri).

Removed Moonreaver Shrike from Razorcliff Isle.

Elder Behemoths are no longer slower than their normal counterparts.

Elder shield’s explosions now only trigger on weapon hits.

Elder shield’s explosions are now aimed forward to minimize side or back splash.

Elder shields now move faster, and will no longer all move at the same time.

Reduced the health of Agarus' vine arm.

Reduced the health of Urska's legs and tail.

Loot cubes now appear faster at the end of a public event and stick around for less time before disappearing.

The Echoes of the Future Hunt Pass armour skins’ VFX color is now based on the dye applied to their respective armour parts.

Improved the Chronovore's radiant ring hitboxes to better match the VFX.

Fixed a bug where the Chronovore would play its intro sequence again when interrupted before it could finish it.

Fixed a bug that caused the Chronovore to remain hidden longer than intended during the encounter.

Fixed a bug where the terra status effect wasn't being applied to Nayzagas.

Fixed a bug where the shock status effect wasn't being applied to Shadowtouched Nayzagas.

Deepfrost Skarn now only shows the bulldozer attack interrupt indicator when its head armour is broken.

Fixed a bug where Deepfrost Skarn's aether VFX would switch to green when coming up from the ground.

Fixed an edge case where Primal Strike ability could allow more than 10 stacks of Perfection.

The guaranteed Behemoth on Paradox Breaks is now Flameborn Rezakiri (was Rezakiri).

Except tonight the guaranteed Behemoths on Paradox Breaks were Valomyr, Shrike and Charrogg. No matter how many we slayed of them, they always showed up. No sign of any Blazikiris or Rezakiris (unless they show up in fights before The Chronovore). Once there was even two Charroggs on the island at the same time but at different levels. I think you broke the island, PHX.

The "Guaranteed Behemoths" feature is broken in general. Has been since it was first introduced.

Yeah, this was a miscommunication on their end. That is coming later.

The loot crate thing is so weird. Why not just have it pop up rewards on the right side of your screen like all the other fights? You don't actually need to use the crate. You got your rewards right when the last Behemoth died.

alot of folks dont know that the loot box is just a summary of what you got in that event, all rewards are recieved alrdy when the last behemoth dies, in the bottom left corner of screen.

It's funny, I know I don't get anything from opening it, but I still like opening it anyway xD

The armor dye still ain't fixed, Primal and Chronovore pieces are changing

Reduced the health of Agarus' vine arm.

I mean, it is not hard at all to break it the only problem was that you had to kill agarus 15 times for one weapon. (that should be adjusted in the next patch)

Doing Shock or Blaze Escalation sometimes gets me several of its rare drops (Peerless Stormplate & Molten Morsel). I average 3 per run. Need 20 to craft a weapon? It takes about 6 or 7 runs.

Doing Terra Escalation gets you ONE of its rare drop (Ruptured Stalk). Always 1. Never more, never less. Need 15 to craft a weapon? It takes about 15 runs.

So, yeah, it's good that they made the 1 vine easier to get, but they definitely should make it drop more than 1 vine.

Right now it takes more than twice as many Terra Escalation runs to craft a weapon than it should.

What about the chronovore legendary ability? it still shows us moving back to where we were not popping in and out like the trailer?

That’s what the legendary ability does, it brings the slayer back to the position where the slayer was x amount of seconds ago, I don’t see what’s wrong with it.

I'm glad they removed the slowness, it really got on my nerves with elder Hellion.

For real, it was a little annoying with other behemoths but dear God it was egregious with the Hellion.

Still think Urska’s legs has too much HP. Only after four critical Axe throws it’s broken. Also, some throws hit his head or butt due to his jumpy behavior, combined with his rather low total HP makes it that breaking his legs can only be done 2 times, at max, but mostly just once.

Since we’re also on the subject of his jumpy behavior, coming close to him or him repositioning too close to me makes him a slippery boy, I guess? I get slided away from him, having me bounce away, off the ground a bit, even during my Axe charge. It’s also contributing to not being able to hit the right body parts.

Using Navigation, go via Deployment, Cloud Services to the Adobe Analytics section.

Using Show Configurations, open the required Adobe Analytics framework.

Expand the Link Tracking Configuration section and configure as required (this page provides further details):