How to batch-process attribute tables in QGIS (or GRASS)?

How to batch-process attribute tables in QGIS (or GRASS)?

I'm using GRASS 6.4.3 in Linuxmint 16. I have a bash script for GRASS which I use to process almost 300 raster files. The script first imports some raster files (, then does some calculations and classification (usingr.mapcalcandr.reclass). And finally transforms the resultant raster to vector ( and saves it (v.out.ogr, usingtype=area).

Let's say each vector files has a field labeled category and that it takes only two values 1 and 2. As I'm interested only in the total area of polygons with category = 2 and with an area higher than 10,000 m2, I open each vector file in QGIS, edit its attribute table, calculate the area of each polygon and eliminate all of them with category=1 and $area<10,000.

But I have to do it manually,

Is there a way to do it in a batch process within QGIS?

Or even better, is it possible to do it in GRASS?

Is it possible to edit the attribute table within the command console in GRASS?

Could I do it in the same bash script which I use to do all the other processes in GRASS?

I've been reading this but I'm not sure how to apply it to my problem. I couldn't find how to calculate the polygons area and add it to a new column using GRASS. I think I could usedb.selectto search for the polygons I want to eliminate, but I don't know how to do it.

Thanks for your help!

Well, you can do that using ogr2ogr, after exporting vectors from GRASS to shp:

ogr2ogr -sql "SELECT * FROM file_in WHERE 'category' == 2 AND OGR_GEOM_AREA > 10000" file_out.shp file_in.shp

file_in.shp is your data exported from GRASS

file_out.shp is your filtered results.

Then you can run:

ogr2ogr -sql "SELECT count(OGR_GEOM_AREA) FROM file_out" file_out.shp

Or if you don't need filtered results, just place WHERE argument:

ogr2ogr -sql "SELECT count(OGR_GEOM_AREA) FROM file_in WHERE 'category' == 2 AND OGR_GEOM_AREA > 10000" file_in.shp

Hope it helps.

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